Bring the sience of happiness to life

Epicurus is considered a major figure in the history of science as well as philosophy.

Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.

The aim is rather the attaining of a neutral state which is best described as “peace of mind” or even “emptiness,” to use a Buddhist expression. The Greek word Epicurus uses for this state is ataraxia, which literally means “freedom from worry.”

  • all things are to be done for the sake of the pleasant feelings associated with them
  • There are necessary and unnecessary desires. Necessary desires, like desiring to be free from bodily pain, help in producing happiness, whereas unnecessary desires, like desiring a bigger car or a more luxurious meal, typically produce unhappiness
  • Happiness is not a private affair: it can be more readily achieved in a society where like-minded individuals band together to help inspire one another’s pursuit of happiness

Hedonistische calculus 


Enjoying the lifestyle with the focus on the enjoyment of life. Which Austerity, self-reliance, justice and friendship are central.

  • Let joy be if you know that this is going to later a discomfort.
  • Rather endure the pain as pleasure then becomes larger.
  • Pleasure is easy to obtain with little satisfied, does not measure the length of life, but the quality.

Don’t mirror yourself on to friends, the more educated or other people with a “successful” jobs. It’s still difficult to accept that life is a collection of atoms without further intentions. It seems like this philosopher was ahead of his time, because he pointed out the fact that too few people appreciate the true friendship. Because in friendship it is important to discuss thoughts and ideas with each other. It can make choices or thoughts collide this accelerates often positive personal development. Friendship consists of things you can do for each other. Traditionally, living and eating and philosophizing together, a common existence.

The current 24h economy provides every minute what we want. How do you learn to withstand the strongest weapon in this economy? The urge of mass consumption. According to Epicurus, this was our brain. Logical reasoning. We can always ask ourselves whether we need the latest mobile phone or can we do with less older model. Is it crazy to believe that “sustainable living” a form of austerity and self-reliance and justice comes together with the term sustainable living. And is this also a reaction against the materialistic urge strongly prevalent in today’s society. Is the private life more important than the public life of these two forms in our time or can they not be separated? Does our current public (social) life influence to much our private lives?

‘We should not therefore get rid of all negative emotions but only those that lead to unnecessary pains’

Our current hedonism is intertwined with globalization, certain fair relationships and other aspects, this is something that Epicurus couldn’t predict. In addition to our desire for things we do not need and do not really make us happier in life. Epicurus also would have been terrible upset about our current vanity state like we have in the famous ’15 minutes of fame ‘as shown in TV programs such as the Voice and similar copy’s.

Happiness is Pleasure

Another one of the main conclusions of recent research on happiness concerns the limited role that external conditions play in making one happy. It has been found that income, marriage, good looks, even winning the lottery only have a small impact on one’s lasting happiness.

Happiness is having beautiful women or men around you, the most expensive meal that you can have and constantly consume exclusive wine or beer? Who says this makes people happy, what makes people happy is to live with certain friends in a calm and mindfulness life. Some desires are natural as eating and drinking, which belong to us. Similarly, fame and recognition, but according to Epicurus, these subjects must be aimed to suppress because these subjects are based on people’s opinion and may not play A very important role in one’s life.

What are goals?

Nothing more than standards set by our self and others? Goals are now a days ambitious, collecting things, fast cashing, seen by other people, materialistic lifestyle. If you yourself have the ambition to live in a calm state of mind with friendships that really means something, then you come in the direction of the philosophy of Epicurus. One is always looking for wisdom.

Is enjoyment a part of my life?

For who I created this post? People who want to learn and know more. Now a days (including me) people feel lost, and have all kinds of questions. You’re on social media or watching TV and you really don’t know what you must think of every news-items or information that comes crashing in. The enormous power of money, inequality for all, unemployment, the misery. During the search of answers to these questions, we come back to the root of asking questions.. philosophy. Sadly this is not normal in our culture or education. Because the current enjoyment consists out possession. Like A good job, money, a beautiful partner, owning things. But possession makes people very dependent. Therefore, the conclusion: Take good care of yourself and be content with your life. And try to wear setbacks like A wise man. This requires hard work.

‘Enjoyment is around every corner during this age, this gives no feeling of really deserving it.  This allows the hollow feeling to remain and keep gnawing.’

I also wonder whether the bloggers are modern philosophers? According to Epicurus, everyone has a wisdom and this is not to define a high-quality study or a title.

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