ECO-humanitarianism I think it will not be enough

ECO-humanitarianism I think it will not be enough

I think it will not be enough just to create awareness.


Since I have seen a Episode of the BBC Horzion about ‘Global weirding’ no warming but weriding, I really like to write about this topic and urge others to do so.  What it comes down to is that the weather is as shown in the YouTube clip getting more and more extreme and violent. After I got a little more awareness and understanding in this hole climate change  the extreme weather news is popping-up every where.

FAA Looking Into Use of Drones in Journalist’s Tornado Coverage

But this is not happening yet in the Netherlands, right? Luckily not this destruction but we still have to deal with whirlwinds, heavy rain, hail and flooding.

Heavy rains & whirlwinds in the Netherlands:

All these bizarre phenomena have to do with the planet has become in recent years one degree warmer, we are only at the beginning of this circus. I certainly do not like just doom and gloom and this is not only about that doom-weather it’s about create awareness. And the search for solutions to extreme drought, large-scale drinking water shortages and to deal with extreme cold weather like England has seen some time ago.

Tip if you find it really interesting, I can really recommend VPRO Backlight episode about the “new gold” and the power of Water (Dutch TV serie) .

And what about the Solution?


Besides that I’m always naturally curious about new ideas and technology I have founded the term “ECO humanitarianism”. This means that you think about a possible ECO solution to fight against this’ Global weirding “as it is called. Besides that I studied Digital Communication in the Netherlands and I’m no technical engineer or architect. I think the important thing to do now is to create awareness and try to contribution in my own way! That in addition to watch with you consume daily and really need to life and to thrive. I think together we can devise creative solutions, because it is not only our children or grand children that will have strange weather, the environment and the world has already changed a lot since we were kids.

OK,  here it comes my first idea from a ‘ECO humanitarianism’ point of view is to create a drop-in  ‘Portable solar generators’ without the need of fuel or any other fossil fuel to start it. This  ‘Portable solar generators’  can be integrated in a (medical or food)shipping container and be drop t off at disaster areas where needed most. This easy to drop-in containers can serve as house/shelter and as a power source. So the Red Cross can start a HQ on solar power as communication hub / Social media awareness center (generate money for the aid-supply’s) or to give the locals broadcasts about dangerous incoming weather. The idea that its a self-fueld, self centerd rescue HQ or humanitaire aid center, that can serve as solid hub for locals and aid-workers.


The new kind of people who would like to contribute something in a creative way, to the environment and for others. So that’s why I came up with the long and meaningful word: ECO humanitarianism, try with mind power to fend of the future storms  and see if the ideas survive online.


The source of my idea:

Climate Expert stepping on “Consequences of climate change systematically overestimated”

Tornado Outbreak Rips Across Central, Southern U.S.


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