How to Get More Subscribers with 4 Stupid Fixs

Adding Email Subscription to your website / blog 

This easy Marketing fix, changed a lot.

It was easy. So, I want to share it for free with you guys.

It was something that you read on all these pro-blogging sites: like Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Lewis Howes etc. Every one talks about it, but doing it all the way is a lot harder.

1) You think readers don’t need something to guide them to subscribe?


Yea, I was wrong. We writers/bloggers overlook these easy things because we know our website top to bottom. My lesson: ‘Never assume your audience is tech savvy like you, because usually they’re readers.’ make sense, right.

2) Help your readers!


So it’s easier for them to create connections with the great content we deliver. So you can build up a steady mailing and if your lucky start selling eBooks, goodies etc. (It’s just hard work, not allot of luck needed)

3) Added an email opt-in box


Best way to do this is trough a plug-in and a email-software like Mailchimp or Aweber at the bottom of every post. And also a ‘not’ annoying pop-up that gives great value (great offer) for your reader.

4) Position must be right


Just an email opt-in top and bottom not only on the right..No bells or whistles or irritating spam pop-ups etc. Just the form with a little submission button with good clean design.

All thanks to a tweak that took me 20 minutes.

The tweak is not amazing. I share this, because it’s easy to do even for you. But, I’m not promising overnight, billion-dollar success or crazy growth. It’s just a steady little increase. Anyone can do this, but most don’t.

Do you want new subscribers tomorrow?

Add an email opt-in box at the bottom of your website tonight, Feel free to contact me for more info or help. Start building your mail-list today!

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