My Introduction to Photography

I want a camera that is compact and shoots just nice pictures, oh and I like to make short movies in 720p. That’s was my start of ‘hobby’ photography  in 2010. In the early days everyone bought just that disposable camera for fun and holidays for a few euro they where really indestructible and you had to send it to a store to make ‘photo’s’ of it. Feels like back to the future….

After using my Nikon Coolpix L810 for 3 years on sport events, holidays and surf-trips, I am done with it. Not because it’s not a good compact camera it its, but i really miss the depth and the AA battery on the long run gets irritating. So, please always buy a cam with a recharge pack. At first don’t seems like a biggie but if you also go for creating movies and shooting a lot in your precious week.. meh.



I prefer to have to battery packs than carrying or buying packs of AA in supermarkets. The camera got a good wide angle and is nice for zooming and has good natural color in the pictures. But filming moving objects is not that great. Because he keeps focusing on the wrong points and that’s gives a lot of blur. I  used it for taking interviews and the auto focus is a stubborn guy. Sometimes is works great sometimes it don’t. So now comes the switch to my first DSLR I really like the Nikon for his menu and style. So it’s going to be a Nikon.

I am still in doubt between the entry point price. I really like the part of the DSLR camera’s that you can start with a basic kite and upgrade it when you feel it’s time and you needed it.

That’s the Nikon D3100 or the Nikon D3200. And I made the choice of picking the Nikon D3200 I hope that extra 115 dollar is going to pay of. The web says that the movie options are better, my friends say that has just that bit better quality. Well we going to check it out:) It better be good one. And finding out how the manual settings works etc there are so many good tutorials out there.



Now find a new photo-project or pick-up my old ones ;-). Ill keep on posting no wurries.


Keep it real and keep on surfing!

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