Surfs Up: Latas Surf House


Great surf spot, really love the desolateness of the place at that time.
Well, surfing in April in the north of Spain can cause you some cold(frozen) toes haha. We had constant rain-showers and hail.  So what: WE BECOME WARRIORS! As our surf-instructor said, great guy named Alex. A really laid-back surfer.

And I have to say Alex always wanted to help you and make you a better surfer with more balls..and even if it hails ;-). No worries.


The surf place called Latas Surf House on a crazy sunny day 😀


The food in the nearby village(walk distance) was really noteworthy, got to check out there Fish restaurants and off-course churros.


For more information check out there Facebookpage:

Just Enjoy, Be free

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