Top 5 Europa surfspots checklist:


this was my first time surfing and to Bali – Indonesian, what a great experience… But Europe is cool to. I only checked out Spain but there will be more surfs-up!  Now Iam doing studying i can try the spring and autumn to avoid the massive summer (party) crowds.



5) Ericeira – Portugal


Formerly an abandoned fishing beach, now the surfing paradise of Portugal. The wind is almost constantly present in Ericeira creates ideal surfing conditions and few non-surfing tourists. You will find therefore mainly surf shops, surf bars, hostels and surf a surf atmosphere not to be missed. Ericeira has ‘breaks’ (breaking waves) for beginners to advanced surfers.


4)Essaouira – Marokko

Jimi #2

Morocco is not in Europe, but it is relatively close. With a flight of about four hours you there. After this flight, you’ll arrive at the place where the best guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix lived and took inspiration for his songs, the hippie haven Essaouira. Because just outside Essaouira is a small island located in some places the waves are perfect for beginners. Essaouira itself advanced surfers come primarily for the wild and high waves. The Moroccan culture is everywhere.


3) Biarritz – Frankrijk


One of the most famous surf spots in France, Biarritz. “The famous surfing beaches are very rewarding,” said a visitor Comparison. Surfing and Biarritz are inseparable. Biarritz was ‘discovered’ by the surfers over 50 years ago and to this day is still one of the top surf-spots in Europe.


2) Zarautz – Spanje


Between the cities of San Sebastian and Bilbao beautiful waves run in the Bay of Zarautz. A surf town that is full of tapas bars, surf shops and campfire sites. The waves are so good and consistent that major competitions are held here. Annually Where many surf villages overnight chill mode “continue, transforms Zarautz overnight just in a true feast paradise. I wrote a blog about my experience at Zaruatz read it here.


1) Corralejo – Spanje


“The Hawaii of Europe lies in the Canary Islands. This nickname has Corralejo due to the good climate, white sandy beaches and warm waters. Add to that good waves and when a surfer has everything his heart desires. If it is in the rest of Europe is too cold to pull kite surfing, wave, and wind surfers from all over Europe flock to Corralejo. Tiller says Jeroen Weather report: “The international atmosphere feels good.”



Credit to Zoover in the dutch version:

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