The Young changemakers

The Young changemakers



We life in a world, where the jobs of tomorrow doesn’t existent today

I came across this really great blog about entrepreneurship en educate the next generation for changing the world in the right way. Very inspirational story and much truth to be found in this short story below. 

Salim is very much of the opinion that despite receiving training in vocational colleges, young people are still facing the problem of unemployment because they have not been taught how to set up their own businesses or where they would be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired. Diplomas are highlighted at the expense of technical skill. The young must be initiated in the rational use of local resources without harming the environment and thus strengthen his conviction of success and assertiveness in society.

Salim trains the young for self-employment and entrepreneurship. He uses agriculture to develop the integrated model “Agriculture / Livestock / Fish.” Unlike conventional methods, which requires assimilate concepts to be evaluated, to obtain the proper credentials before starting the field experience, the model Salim brings to the learner’s technical expertise is directly applicable in the real world with socioeconomic palpable results.

Through various activities developed in the center students learn how to determine the potential of any medium, develop slowly at first and then a large scale. He initiated the management of resources, inventory management and marketing of products. It encourages young people to work in groups to facilitate access to capital and reduce the risk of failure.

Self believe





Dream it, Do it.


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